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I'm writing a comic that takes place in Scandinavia around 900 AD, and I want to include POC presence and characters to maintain historical accuracy. Do you have any info on what cultures/peoples were present at that time? I went through the 'scandinavia' and 'vikings' tags that talked about the Sami and Moors, but were there any emigrates from Asia? Any info helps, and thank you for running this blog :D

medievalpoc answered:

Actually there’s a fair amount of archeological evidence to support some pretty hefty trading with Asia. Some of the coolest stuff is actually tracing the origins of various beads.

Like, but the thing is you don’t have to act like anyone’s twisting your arm or anything on including people of color. I mean, I’m assuming your writing the comics for an audience and that audience would probably appreciate some diversity. “Historical Accuracy” isn’t some kind of Sword of Damocles attendant upon any who dare secure a readership for their comic, and honestly it sucks that people feel the need to “justify” writing to/for a diverse audience that almost always is expected to identify with the ubiquitous tale of White Man Does A Thing.

It just goes to show how freaking hostile our society is to representation of women, people of color, queer folks, and disabled people.

Additional research like this can help you tell a much more interesting story for a lot of people, IMHO. I think a lot of the reason anyone likes Viking stories or stories based on that kind of thing is *because* they were travelers and traders. It’s exciting, it’s adventure, and the Vikings themselves are kind of interesting.

For example, a book like this one (which I read when I think I was about…I dunno, 9 or 10?), as cloddish and macho as it is, still had some people of color in it, including a Black woman (who sadly makes her only appearance as an enslaved prostitute, along with another woman who is white with red hair. Guess which one gets “saved”. Notice that’s not a question).

There’s a lot of other weird historical inaccuracies in that book, from what I remember, but travel, commerce and trade is fairly central to the flavor and tone of the book, which is mostly stale urine. I should get it used and re-read just for the hilarious memories, including the guy alone in his hermit-hut like WHY DOES MY PEE CLEAN THINGS???????

Anyhow it’s mostly terrible don’t get that book.

TL;DR: Go for it and I hope you have awesome Asian characters as well as other POC in your Viking comic because it’s interesting and cool and can be perfectly historically accurate, but don’t act like someone’s forcing you to do it because *waves arms at the entirety of modern media*.



This might help a bit with the Saami! (or rather the way the Saami and the Finns were perceived by Vikings)
Jeremy DeAngelo ”The North and the Depiction of the Finnar in the Icelandic Sagas” Scandinavian Studies Vol. 82, No. 3, Fall 2010, pp. 257-286 (
Also, there were Vikings that emigrated to Russia (‘Varangians’) and there were also a lot of Vikings that traveled through Russia to Constantinople and later (988) Vikings became bodyguards to the Emperor there (the Varangian Guard).

I don’t know a lot about immigrants from Asia, but POC that would have definitely been in Scandinavia are the Saami (and they would be really interesting! Weather-Witches, Archers and Shapeshifters are all accounted for in Icelandic Sagas!), and (although not exactly POC) the Finnish tribes, and some Slavic tribes. Since some trading routes went around Gibraltar, Africans could have gotten to Scandinavia as well (that would be a really interesting story!). Other possible options from Asia are Osmans, or people from Kazakhstan or Persia. If there were routes that went much farther east than the Caspian Sea, we don’t know about them, but of course people from there might have travelled to places in the west and met with Vikings there! It might be easier to research emigration from specific places in Asia to the west around 900, and then check if Vikings might have been there (and they probably were.)

It’s also very important when writing about or attempting to represent a specific race of people or culture, you listen to the people who belong to that culture.


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How does Social Justice Wario feel about affirmative action?

social-justice-wario answered:

WAWAWAWAWA, Affirmative Action is very important. Consider this: A white man with a criminal record is more likely to be hired for a job than a black man with a clean one. Affirmative action helps underrepresented groups of people get their foot in the door. It’s trying to take steps in a positive direction as a response to extremely widespread hiring discrimination.

The problem is with people who view it as “reverse discrimination”, as if white men don’t still have a massive advantage in the job market.

It’s a very deep topic though and Wario has barely even scratched the surface of it.